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  • Karen Eddlemon, Executive Director
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Louisiana Legislative Session

The final legislative track from the regular session includes the act numbers on the legislation the governor signed, as well as the notice of vetoes and mention of bills that did not make it through the process. 
The other report is the final results of the special session just completed. We will have a followup report from this session when the governor signs/vetoes or allows to become law this legislation. 
To say both sessions were unusual in these times of coronavirus would be an understatement. It would not be an exaggeration to say we have never seen this many pieces of legal reform legislation introduced in any session over the past 37 years of which we are aware. 
Most significantly, a number of liability protections in connection with COVID-19 and other emergencies were passed. Also, while we were less than completely successful in totally changing the complexion of the legal climate in Louisiana, there was definitely movement in the right direction. For that, we thank the Louisiana Legislature and all of you who made phone calls, wrote emails or otherwise contacted lawmakers to express the importance of these issues. 
There is more work to be done, and we look forward to working with you and the Legislature toward the next steps. 
Karen Eddlemon
Executive Director

Jim Harris
Communications Director

Louisiana Coalition for Common Sense

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